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WindyCityRails 2014 Speakers: First Round

Announcing… The first round of WindyCityRails 2014 speakers! The list covers a wide range of topics from business building to intellectual property to creating a multi-core capable Ruby. Starting from the top left, they are Tiffani Bell, Dave Hoover, Jessica Kerr, Daliah Saper, Brian Shirai, and Dr Nic Williams. Take a look at what they have in store for you…

WindyCityRails 2014 Speakers, Bell Hoover Kerr WindyCityRails 2014 Speakers, Saper Shirai Williams

Building Software, Building a Business

Tiffani Bell created Pencil You In for busy professionals who don’t have time to schedule appointments with clients. But if clients are the lifeblood of a business, how do appointments get scheduled? Enter Pencil You In, an appointment book that lets clients schedule their own appointments online 24x7x365. Bell built the online app in Ruby on Rails. When clients demanded mobile, she cranked out an iOS app in Objective-C. Tiffani Bell shows that software developers can develop CEO skills, too.

Developing Developers

Dave Hoover is a software developer who develops developers. Hoover is a veteran of several successful tech companies (ThoughtWorks, Obtiva, Groupon) and he founded Dev Bootcamp Chicago. He co-authored “Apprenticeship Patterns”, published by O’Reilly in 2009. If your company is building an apprenticeship program, let Dave Hoover show you how to incorporate newcomers.

Better Than TDD: More TDD

Jessica Kerr returns to WindyCityRails with a follow-up to her Functional Principles for Ruby Developers presentation from 2013. What’s better than test driven development? Even more test driven development - this time with deeper tests. Jessica Kerr will show how to use generative testing to cover every valid scenario with exactly one test.

The Other “IP”

Daliah Saper is principal at Saper Law Offices. Software developers can benefit from Saper’s expertise in intellectual property, social media, and business law. Saper has been named a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers magazine six years in a row and honored as a “40 Under 40″ by Law Bulletin Publishing Company. She is an Adjunct Professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Saper speaks Hebrew and Farsi.

Why Rubinius X?

Brian Shirai created Rubinius X to bring modern programming language design to Ruby. He is driven to make Ruby the friendliest language in the universe. Shirai will show how Rubinius X supports writing modern applications in a world where connected devices and multi-core CPUs are everywhere.

Building Distributed Systems in 2014

Dr. Nic Williams is founder and CEO of Stark & Wayne. He speaks at international conferences on the topics of: Open Source processes, DevOps, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript. In his 2011 appearance at WindyCityRails, he presented High Performance Ruby: Threaded Versus Evented. Williams holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Queensland.

Registration is Open

Like what you see? WindyCityRails registration is open. See you in September!